The AM, also known as AMX is a DJ/Producer that started out as a classical violinist in Detroit, MI.

Ann-Marie Teasley, known as The AM, and most recently AMX is connecting the dots between the past, present, and future of the Detroit sound. By translating the futuristic musical ideas of back then into the present, AMX is one of Detroit's most exciting new producers.The orchestra kid played in the first violin section of Metro Detroit’s Oakland Youth Orchestra before becoming a techno upstart in 2019. She made her entrance as an DJ playing underground parties in Detroit and NYC before dropping her debut EP “Black Majik” on Berlin’s Tresor label in 2022. The Detroit native also released a second EP “Sexworker” on the Dutch imprint Deeptrax Records, which Groove Mag DE described as “an abstraction of classic futuristic Detroit sound.”

The AM began to release electro tracks with catchy vocals under the monicker AMX while touring Europe and South America last year, starting out with “Ride.” On NYC’s Haus of Altr label. Followed by “Werk it” as a featured artist on the world wide label International Chrome.