Israel Vines started DJing in 1994 and has been releasing a slow but steady stream of his own productions, collaborations, and remixes since 2010 on several respected international labels - Tresor Records, Borrowed Language, Eye Teeth, and others.

As a DJ, he is known for deep and heavy sets that range from Techno to Drum & Bass and all points in between, and his work as a producer stretches to similarly varied yet cohesive territories.

Beyond his solo work, Vines has collaborated with Jeff Pietro, Kit Geary in their KGIV project, Ken Meier, and most recently with Camille Altay under the moniker CAIV.

Schooled in the 90’s U.S. Midwest scene and currently based in Los Angeles, Vines embodies a clear and deep understanding of the foundations of Techno and its multiple offshoots without being mired in referential history mining.

Camille is a chimeric artist whose work takes many forms.

Camille Altay (They/Them) is a visual artist, composer and DJ who lives and works in Climax, New York. Camille came up as a drum + bass DJ in the rave scene in Chicago in the late 90s, and has been known to play genre-bending dancefloor sets with influences ranging from Cumbia to Ghettotech. Camille’s live electronic compositions lean toward the runaway arpeggiations of synth music in its initial stages of identity crisis - a questioning of purpose - whether to emulate real instruments, or carve a path towards evolving forms within a synthetic identity.

Camille has a recent release on the Bunker’s long-form sub label Going In, is a founding member of the group Birds of Prey (Kathexis Records, Mysteries of the Deep), and collaborates with LA artist Israel Vines under the moniker CAIV.