Tomas has been producing and performing with the name December for seven years now. Having released EPs on the most prestigious labels out there : Jealous God, Blackest Ever Black, Mannequin, Pinkman, Return to Disorder, L.I.E.S or Veyl ; he consistently released high-quality, singular club music, digging a unique sound widely acclaimed amongst the electronic music scene. He is a regular in such key venues and events as Berghain, Reaktor Katharsis, Berlin Atonal, Salon des Amateurs, Tresor or Kisloty. His touch is known to be powerful but melancholic, minimalistic but romantic, dark but filled with emotions, characterized by his unique use of vocals making his music so special, mixing post-punk, breaks, ebm, idm, electro or dark ambient. But Tomas's most significant achievement of these past two years is the release of his first LP on November 12th 2021, « Début », on Broken English Club's label, Death&Leisure. Nine tracks of powerful electronic punk songs and cinematic poetry, wild and beautiful, of a striking originality. In February 2023 he released his second album on the acclaimed Manchester-based label Natural Sciences Records. Called « The Outside World », it is a haunting and unique record made of sci-fiesque landscapes and twisted post-techno songs. Tomas performed this beautiful and strange album on stage in the form of an AV live set with visuals by french renowned photographer Marie Quéau. With his December alias Tomas is pushing further his vision of a romantic, dark body-music, you could both dance to or listen to in your bed, shedding a tear.