DJ Sotofett is with his productions, wide spanned collaborations & myriad of aliases one of the most releasing artists from Norway's extended club & leftfield scene the last two decades. His Sex Tags Mania (2004) label sees the home of transposed Techno & House music, while the Sex Tags Amfibia (2005) platform outlets alternative projects in the vain of Dub, Experimental, Jazz & Psychedelic music. Sotofett's more tilted but clubby Wania (2010) imprint is home for technoid releases coming mostly from his own studio. His Afro, Dub & Jazz productions can be found on London institution Honest Jon's Records, and the more classic Electro & Techno is released by Tresor Records, Laton, Clone and Fit Detroit. As a DJ, the musical re-source is simply rooted in our past five decades of sound system music. Whether unexpected, unconventional, straight to the floor, or unreleased productions it’s mostly presented as either short-and-full-on Techno/Electro sets or very lengthy & eclectic journeys of the exceptionally wide spectrum of dance music - from Funk & Jazz to Hip-Hop, Dub and House Music. DJ Sotofett has also designed flyers and posters since the late 90's and all graphics for his labels and many beyond.