Lady Starlight, born Colleen Martin in New York USA, has forged a unique path in the music world, blending techno with rock and performance art. Known for her raw, hardware-based live shows, she gained initial fame touring with Lady Gaga, using the platform to introduce a wider audience to techno's depth and diversity.

Her relentless pursuit of musical innovation has led to acclaimed releases on legendary labels such as Figure, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Ostgut Ton, and Tresor, marking her as a key figure in techno's evolution. These releases showcase her ability to craft tracks that are not only powerful but deeply resonant within the techno community and beyond.

Her deep-rooted passion for merging seemingly disparate musical worlds has led her to explore the realms of heavy metal and progressive rock. Lady Starlight's remarkable versatility has seen her sharing stages with legends such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and even delving into the art rock universe with performances set to the music of Van der Graaf Generator, highlighting her ability to transcend musical genres.

Lady Starlight's biography is a testament to the power of artistic integrity, innovation, and the courage to follow one's own path. Her journey underscores a profound commitment to her craft and to challenging the status quo, making her a pivotal figure in the modern music landscape and a source of inspiration for artists and audiences alike. Through her distinctive sound and dynamic performances, Lady Starlight has become a beacon of creativity and a testament to the power of following one's own star in the ever-evolving music landscape.