LNS, originally from Calgary, CA, has since years been an integral part of building Vancouver's underground music community, creating and DJing on point and under the radar events. Her DJing reflects influences rooted in Detroit and UK Techno, Braindance, and Electro, influences which are also apparent in her musical production. She has released on labels such as Wania, Freakout Cult, her own LNS, and most recently on Tresor Records alongside DJ Sotofett for their collaborative debut album.

DJ Sotofett is with his productions, wide spanned collaborations & myriad of aliases one of the most releasing artist from Norway's extended club & leftfield scene. As a DJ for two decades, the musical source is simply rooted in the past five decades of sound system music. Whether it’s unexpected, unconventional, straight, or unreleased music it’s presented as either short-and-full-on Techno/Electro sets or very lengthy & eclectic journeys of the exceptionally wide spectrum of dance music – all with a heavy turntable & mixing tradition from Hip-Hop and Techno culture.