From deep pools of ambience to the brain-feeding mechanisms of electro and techno, Nadia Struiwigh’s gift is in expressing herself with conviction through her machines. As an accomplished live artist and producer, her affinity for synthesis and sequencing results in a spellbinding strain of electronica drawn from a richly personal sonic space she has marked out for herself.

Struiwigh’s recorded output has appeared on labels like Central Processing Unit, Nous’klaer Audio and Dekmantel - albums and EPs which reach from crunchy sequenced beats to vast swathes of pure, melodic tones. Her roots in Rotterdam and current location in Berlin equally speak to her affinity for techno - propulsive, dynamic machinations which manifest in DJ sets as well as live hardware performances.

As a teenager enthralled with the Warp school of electronica and leftfield downtempo, Struiwigh was set on a path of discovery where the intricacy of production met with her impassioned, intuitive approach to composition. Her exacting approach to the technical aspects of the craft has earned her the knowledge to extract her own voice from any medium, but more importantly her music emerges from a very human need to communicate and connect.

That connection is best manifested outside the studio. Struiwigh’s live sets range from patient, beatless immersions to kinetic peak-time rushes, sometimes straddling the divide in line with her omnivorous passion for ambient and techno alike. At times she’ll present her released works in a more patient, listening setting, while for the sensory overload of the dancefloor she tends towards a more improvised, open-ended approach to techno and electro. The exact make up of her live rig changes from gig to gig, keeping her inspired and ensuring no two performances are the same.

High-profile shows in concert halls sit alongside strobe lit club sessions - she’s since become a resident DJ for Tresor to indulge her love of driving, psychedelically-charged techno, while warm-up sets give her the chance to indulge the deeper dimensions of the music she loves. The range of her tastes can be heard across leading platforms such as RA, Phantasy, Bleep and Red Light Radio, who have all invited her to their esteemed mix series’.

Plugged into the moment and constantly exploring new dimensions of her sound, Struiwigh champions electronic music as a springboard for possibilities. With an exquisite clarity which comes from both technical skill and clear-eyed intention, her music thrives on heart and experimentation, powered by machines with as much character as the human at the controls.