Nit. is a producer, DJ and a designer. She started playing the piano at the age of eight but she loves experimenting with diverse kinds of musical instruments, so her works are different but closely related to each other. Nit. creates visual projects, videos, installations and  upcycling lamps. In 2013 she started making mixes for radios, since then she has been performing at parties in Budapest. In 2014 she started her own series of parties known as Answer, which provides possibilities for Hungarian underground DJs. Since 2015 she's been devoted to writing music, widening genre limits or rather rejecting them. For her EP, in 2018, at Connection Verified, the publisher described Nit: "her experimental prowess with four beat-challenging compositions that defy convention, ranging from breaks to ambient, DnB to minimal; thoroughly demonstrating the quintessential Nit. sound. Not one to be restricted to the standard formats of arrangement, Nit. focuses on a diverse array of darker, droning elements together with shimmering, otherworldly melodic patterns, and a compelling rhythm section – creating a dynamic body of work that is as beautiful as it is functional.”