You’d be forgiven for wondering just where Psycatron have sprung from over the past few years to their current position as one of the leaders of a new school of techno on the international electronic scene. Currently one of the most in-demand Irish production outfits, live acts and DJs, their discography is beginning to read like an A to Z of the world’s finest labels, while their tour schedule reflects the ever-growing number of fans honing in on Psycatron’s forward-thinking take on techno. Although difficult to define, their sound has it’s roots based somewhere between the dance music capitals of Detroit and Berlin, but it’s Psycatron’s distinctive Western European take on things that makes them stand out and peddle their own groove, regardless of what’s flavour of the month. Consistently well-received productions alongside high-profile club and festival appearances has seen Psycatron stock rise considerably around the world and with 2012 off to a flying start, there are exciting times ahead.