Significant Other is a DJ & Producer based in Brooklyn, New York. Alongside Only Child he runs the record label and event series Club Night Club. He is also part of the MASERATI project with DJ Healthy.

Emerging with early club cuts on labels such as Oscilla Sound, Well Street and Anno Records his sound has expanded over the years to demonstrate a sonic modus operandi that is a little hard to define. Equally comfortable deploying left-field club wreckers in sweaty raves as blending together the introspective and emotive for quiet rooms, his DJ sets and productions alike present at all speeds bereft of any consistent formula. Some tracks lean into a grungy, chaotic club energy, others shimmer and pulse with a softness. The thread which ultimately weaves the many facets of his sound together is the final intention to subvert listeners’ expectations and instill something unexpected within the dancer.

His debut album RESIDUUM was released on the Manchester label Youth in 2021, a dubbed out full length expanding on the left-field, downtempo themes in his earlier output. Assembled within a fragmented 2020 New York soundscape the record, described as a raw meditation on love and loss, was rough around the edges but tender at its heart. The stygian 8 tracker detailed a fascination with the emotions that arise at the margins of club culture. Previously explored only on the odd wonky  B-side or droned out closer to a club EP, RESIDUUM leant into a more vulnerable streak that had in earlier releases only been teased out here and there.

Over the years his sound has been consistently influenced by his work behind the scenes in the Brooklyn rave scene. A veteran party producer with a passion for bringing people together and building unique sonic experiences - a deep interest in the relationship between the individual and the collective at the heart of dance music culture is a driving force in his creative work.