LNS b2b DJ Sotofett
Teknobuskers [live]
LNS b2b DJ Sotofett


Polar Inertia is a hazy entity formed in 2010, appearing at first as an electronic music act. Operating like a White-Out, they have built up a fog that surrounds the nature of their activities. Beyond the music and the records, the members of Polar Inertia are also the authors of texts, photographic works, printed artworks, videos and specific live performances for different context.

SJ Tequilla's 'Teknobusker' project, produced in conjunction with Osaka homie Aaty the project has long been a regular thing on the Berlin streets. Armed only with a 606, 303 and some FX pedals the two have been slowly making a name for themselves as the only Acid-Tekno buskers out there.