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  • 08
  • 2016
  • 23:59
Berlin Atonal 2016 Aftershow
Wed 24 August 2016 - 23:59

Berlin Atonal 2016

The Stage Null programme is based around the restlessly forward-thinking, multi-disciplinary mind of Russell Haswell. With a background steeped in computer music, black metal, noise, techno, free-style and solo improvisation, his practice is renowned for broaching the extremities of visual and sonic arts. He delivers a world premiere improvised solo performance, before curating a programme under the heading “Recapitulate” – meant to stimulate a kind of shared collective flashback to the mid-90s. To this end he has invited Peter Rehberg (PITA) boss of Editions Mego and mythical collective farmersmanual (for a special 3 hour comeback show).

From at OHM comes a line-up put together by the guys atLatency Recordings and featuring Nuel, ENA and a live show by Joachim Nordwall. Downstairs, in Tresor, the aftershow party begins with sets from unidentifiable Munich producer Skee Mask, Greek techno purist Endlec and Hard Wax mainstay Mischa.

Tickets available on the door and from here.


Stage Null
  • 23:59
    Live: Russell Haswell
  • 01:00
    Live: PITA
  • 02:00
    Live: Farmersmanual
  • 23:59
  • 03:00
    Skee Mask
  • 06:00
  • 23:59
  • 02:00
    Live: Joachim Nordwall
  • 02:45
  • 04:00
    Sidney + Suleiman