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BHC: new faces
Wed 22 October 2014 - 23:59

Jeroen van den Dungen aka Sinfol is a young DJ from Holland who has found himself a unique member of the new school of Dutch techno artists. His track “Process Of The Thaw” on the “Exudate EP”, or the “Unstable EP” – both on his own Anagram label – reveal spine-tingling, straight-up, driving techno reminiscent of the great club/rave techno of the mid to late 90s with a Detroit nod, yet retaining a compelling modern freshness. Andrea Sirica aka NDR is a former member of Outart duo, a musical experience from 2008 to 2013, followed by a different and new single way with a proper techno project, sound acoustics strongly evoking DUB. Today the UK artist is also part of Children of tomorrow Project/label with several events which take place in London. From Italy, I.nOmac started to discover the world of electronic music, and learned the art of the turntables in the early 90s. Grew up like a DJ with innovative sounds like: Zen Paradox, The Future Sound of London, Sound System, Spiral Tribe and many more. In 1996, he left his city and until now he split between two continents, USA and Europe.


new facesTresor
  • SinfolAnagram/ Amsterdam
  • I.nOmacDa Da Revolution, Inground/ Berlin
  • Helga PBerlin