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BHC: new faces
Wed 06 May 2015 - 23:59

Against product aesthetics, for a tool ethic: Excell’s techno productions are focused on craftsmanship. With his own label DOQ, based in Berlin, he has dedicated himself to the hammering and cutting of rhythm as music in it’s pregnant form. Both his blasting EPs „Zu Handen“ and „Gorgo“ show Excell’s deep understanding of techno tools defined as incomplete, alive, evolving things that are invisibly entangled within a rich network. Gian‘s focus lies primarily on sound aesthetics. The Berlin-based DJ’s passion for different kinds of genres reaches from break beat, across techno to electro. Offering precise, kick-ass DJ skills, Gian has been co-hosting the Atavism parties at OHM for the past year and a half, leading him to join the up-and-coming label Lack Records in 2014. Mischa will host these two invited new faces tonight: Mischa is a product of shifting technologized urban landscapes. Musically educated by computerized man machines, aquatic bata particles, and the ever changing rhythmic (re)formations of the hardcore continuum, he tirelessly searches for uncompromising dance music. Born in Berlin, Mischa inevitably found Hard Wax as a main educator in taste, and has worked there since 2010.

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    hosted by MischaHardwax/ Berlin
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