• Wed
  • 07
  • 08
  • 2019
  • 23:59
Bonito House Club l Tresor New Faces
Wed 07 August 2019 - 23:59

Pasquale Ascione is Ascion, tonight’s special guest for New Faces. What makes Ascion’s music stand out from the contemporary techno context, is its immediacy and intensity delivered in a genuine and open-hearted manner. Pasquale maintains the subtle tension in his tracks. There are constant upsurges of energy and unrest in these acidic formations calming down just to reappear with even stronger punch. The tracks sometimes build up to the intensity of hardcore or echoes the golden age of rave as well as contemporaneous monolith Berlin tech-vibes. As a producer, Ascion’s tracks are best described neither by retro of futurist discourses, but rather a sprawling and overwhelming moment of the now, this hypnotic physicality still experienced in underground raves. Ascion’s name can also be frequently found next to D.Carbone and Shapednoise, his kindred spirits, friends and frequent collaborators with whom he manages Repitch Recordings and Cosmo Rhythmatic labels. Mickey Nox came from the cracks of Melbourne In late 2007. Ever since he was been constantly working on his own sound and attitude towards his own music production and DJ sound. He is also the brains behind heavy hitting techno label Green Fetish Records, pushing the local techno scene into new boundaries. Constantly keeping a niche sound for the label and controlling the amazing artists that have come through the label along with pressing records and running warehouse parties, festival stages & illegal raves, this is just the first chapter of the label and future. These two artists are hosted by Marcus, alias of Marco de Paulis, a Roman DJ based in Berlin since a few years. For Marcus techno is a statement of love and a way of life, techno is the energy of every day, techno is technology, techno is his voice when he plays. His DJ sets are characterized by raw and dirty groove, industrial sounds and with a strong energy impact to the floor and the people, knowing exactly what they want as a DJ coming from the dancefloor as he is.In Globus tonight we present Bonito House Club! Cinthie is a Berlin-based DJ and producer, and the creative mind behind the Beste Modus and Unison Wax record labels. Linked by a shared penchant for good house music and a love of Berlin’s unending parties, the crew have already pressed four eagerly-sought-after white label 12″s together. If that wasn’t enough, Cinthie also owns and runs the ‘Stasi Studios’ complex – so called because the building once functioned as a Stasi office! Returning artist and Edinburgh-based powerhouse Telfort is a fast rising DJ and producer, bursting into the limelight after the debut release of ‘In A Good Place’ on his own imprint TLFT; following up with the eagerly anticipated ‘Lickety Split’ and appearance on the slick Lionoil Industries imprint. Telfort has quietly bubbled away and honed his considerable talent for a number of years, including as a fine selector, crafting warm journeys through the deep, the drummy and the dance. With more exciting releases under his belt, a series of sublime podcasts and a residency held at Edinburgh’s Sneaky Pete’s under the aptly titled banner of ‘Telfort’s Good Place’, he continues to carve out his own niche in house music with his inimitable mix of subtle rhythmic wisdom and guile. Returning guest Stereociti was first discovered by Mike Huckaby in 2007. The Detroit legend introduced the Japanese producer to the world on his radio show. Immediately after the broadcast of the program,  Stereociti released his debut EP “Citifunk EP” and joined a compilation “Up to the Surface” with producers such as Baaz and Scott Ferguson. Stereociti released his first full-length album  “Kawasaki” on Mojuba. It was highly acclaimed by both dance music fans and critics, and is already regarded as a milestone in the history of deep house music. Stereociti’s sources of influence are not only House and Techno music from Chicago and Detroit, but Jazz, Fusion, Dub, Rare Grooves and Japanese pop music of the 80’s.