• Wed
  • 23
  • 07
  • 2014
  • 23:59
Bonito House Club - Tresor new faces
Wed 23 July 2014 - 23:59

The return of Bonito House Club Wednesdays in Globus. The legendary house music night since the beginnings of Tresor Club continues with a Caduceus Records night. The label with the dignified logo was created to search off the beaten track and to discover electronic music and artists. From classic techno to the more experimental, the roster of artists has become quite impressive. Planet E artist Jona replaces Caduceus chief Ladislav tonight. Together with Caduceus artist Pascal Hetzel from southern Germany, they create hot grooves on the Globus decks tonight. Dirt Crew’s Falko Brocksieper and Bad Animal’s Alland Byallo compliment this superb Globus line-up. Downstairs another new faces special finds UK artist Antonio de Angelis on the turntables: DJ & producer in constant evolution, he has steadily worked with many international artists and labels and is always looking for new targets and more challenges. His sets are marked by the art of sound manipulation and style pollution, challenging standards and prejudices, playing wisely with technology and everything that enables him to change and produce music reworks. Sharing the decks: the dark, industrial, metallic and almost sci-fi sounds of Obsoleet’s live set; Italian techno DJ Cut from Rome – all hosted by our esteemed resident Synthek.

new faces SpecialTresor
  • 01:00
    CutRare, Fate/ Rome
  • 03:00
    Live: ObsoleetBerlin
  • 04:00
    Antonio De AngelisAffin, Children Of Tomorrow/ London
  • 06:00
    hosted by SynthekNatch Records/ Berlin
Caduceus RecordsGlobus
  • 23:59
    JonaPlanet E, Slim Audio
  • 02:00
    Alland ByalloBad Animal
  • 03:30
    Falko BrocksieperDirt Crew Rec.
  • 05:00
    Pascal HetzelCaduceus Records