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  • 30
  • 07
  • 2014
  • 23:59
Bonito House Club - new faces
Wed 30 July 2014 - 23:59

The return of Bonito House Club to the Globus Floor cannot find a more fitting evening to help celebrate than the enduring and respected Berlin label Highgrade. Tom Clark’s love of quality, intelligent techno and the preservation of the vinyl format has brought his label and the roster of excellent artists to the forefront of the genre. From its inception a welcome guest at Bonito House parties, we are pleased to welcome the Highgrade spirit back in our house. Tom Clark brings with him three terrific label artists: Todd Bodine (who also belongs to the Tresor Records family), Daniel Dreier and David Delgado, all frequent guests in Tresor Club. A mighty house night is guaranteed! The Tresor Floor new faces features two artists from France: Techno DJ and producer Philippe Petit from Brussels, based in Chamonix, France after 15 years in London. Philippe Petit runs vinyl label Knotweed Records and Decision Making Theory; Percyl from Paris, France, whose Soundcloud tracks are pretty damn thrilling in their spatial, technoid scope. Young German DJ Julian Muller, a vinyl junkie with a techno mission, who recently expressed his talents at a Tresor NEXT night.

new faces SpecialTresor
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    Julian MullerInitial/ Berlin
  • 0300
    Philippe PetitKnotweed Records, DMT/ FR
  • 0500
    PercylPushmaster Discs, Krill Music/ FR
Highgrade ShowcaseGlobus
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    Todd BodineHighgrade
  • 0200
    Tom Clark Highgrade
  • 0400
    Daniel DreierHighgrade
  • 0600
    David DelgadoHighgrade