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Club The Rest
Sun 01 January 2017 - 23:59

An integral part of Tresor’s history are the now almost mythical and certainly legendary Club The Rest Sunday nights in Tresor Club Leipzigerstrasse, hosted by Tanith and Ellen Allien. Back around 1994, weekend clubbers didn’t have a choice of dozens of Sunday venues like today, to close out the weekend. Club The Rest was THE place to be, a meeting of the Berlin techno tribe, and Tanith and Ellen provided some of the most magical nights in the clubbing history of the German capital. After a joyous reunion at last July’s 25th Tresor anniversary festival, tonight they are back with the wicked groove on the first day of the year. Welcome back Club The Rest! On the Tresor Floor, two excellent Tresor Records artists and club residents Marcelus and Pacou rock the walls, with excellent support from basement techno residents Marcel Heese and T.A.G. Let 2017 twirl tonight!