• Fri
  • 30
  • 01
  • 2015
  • 23:59
Fri 30 January 2015 - 23:59

To start the new year the echoes series stretches its typical techno arc and the result takes us from the past into the far future. After six years he returns behind the Tresor bars: the Master Builder himself Robert Hood. His label just recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. His approval rating is still unbroken at an absolute high. Robert Hood‘s artistic integrity simply remains as one of the more flawless in techno history. With the Detroit legend in the Tresor Floor basement – premiering samples of his upcoming 2015 double-EP release on Tresor Records “Adventice” – will be the French mixing maestro DJ Deep with one of his fantastic discoveries Roman Poncet. Resident support comes from our excellent techno artist Marcel Heese. On the Globus Floor we present a dub-techno of the top-class: Luke Hess appears with his live-act. Joining the program Echocord label chief Kenneth Christiansen shares one of his gifted sets full of label-typical deepness for the Globus dancefloor wood planks. The whole thing is rounded off by Esther Duijn and the Berlin newcomer Refracted who has released some of his dub-techno on lables such as Connwax and Silent Season.

  • 23:59 - 02:00
    Marcel HeeseTresor.Berlin
  • 02:00 - 04:00
    DJ DeepTresor Records, Deeply Rooted/ Paris
  • 04:00 - 06:00
    Robert HoodM-Plant, Tresor Records/ Detroit
  • 06:00 - End
    Roman PoncetDeeply Rooted/ Paris
  • 23:59 - 02:30
    RefractedConnwax/ Berlin
  • 02:30 - 05:00
    Kenneth ChristiansenEchocord Records/ Copenhagen
  • 05:00 - 06:00
    Live: Luke HessFXHE, Planet E/ Detroit
  • 06:00 - End
    Esther DuijnSoul People Music/ Berlin