• Sat
  • 21
  • 06
  • 2014
  • 23:59
Fête de la Nuit
Sat 21 June 2014 - 23:59


It’s that time again! Every year on the 21st of June the world celebrates Worldwide Music Day. 520 cities, 297 in Europe and 42 in Germany celebrate together the beginning of summer by allowing a conglomeration of widely diverse music styles including all the sub-micro genres on earth. And what begins during the day will of course continue at night! Our Fête de la Nuit is comprised of a finely-balanced ensemble of residents, friends and invited guests. Manchester’s prominent eclecticist and Prime Numbers chief Trus’me will share the Globus decks with Paso Music’s Marc Miroir, Magda El Bayoumi and powerhouse resident Handmade. Holland’s female specialist in all things deeper, Esther Duijn creates some magic with Get Serious and Mareena in the basement Tresor Floor for all those who prefer the harder selections on the menu.

  • Esther DuijnExquisite Music, Earth Tones
  • MareenaTresor.Berlin, Parallel
  • Get SeriousRestructured
  • Trus'mePrime Numbers
  • Marc MiroirPaso Music
  • HandmadeTresor.Berlin
  • Magda El BayoumiInc. Berlin