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Unsere weitere Vorgehensweise wird in Anpassung an die zukünftigen Entwicklungen und behördlichen Vorgaben stattfinden.

Berlin, 12.3.2020

Due to the health concerns caused by the corona virus, Tresor has decided, in the interest of our fellow human beings, to preventively close all venues with immediate effect.

Our further course of action will take place in accordance with further developments and regulatory requirements.

Berlin, 12.3.2020

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Grounded Theory #40
Fri 23 March 2018 - 23:59

Mysterious, anonymous Swedish duo Shxcxchcxsh do not make it easy. At least as far as the pronunciation of the name is concerned. The title of their third album (SsSsSsSsSsSsXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXS) seems to reference the understanding of abstract machine rhythms. Nice proof that techno still has vacant positions in the field of experimentation, which is still worth exploring. In 2017 Shxcxchcxsh launched a label, Rösten. The label’s first release is a four-track EP, called Rösten 1 of decaying, grizzled techno from the hooded Swedish duo. Rrose is an elusive and mysterious techno producer named after a conceptual character (Rrose Sélavy) created by Marcel Duchamp in the 1920s. Rrose released four works on Sandwell District, which was set up by Function and Regis, plus Silent Servant, all names that will be known to those who delve into the more serious underground side of techno. Rrose put out some of the last releases on the label, straight-up pieces of deep, driving techno that sound like they were drilled out of the bed of the ocean. Rrose is also the founder of the Eaux label. Cio D’Or’s music arise from an idea, which she develops and threads through her own sounds: Emotional, extravagant, charismatic, cinematic, sometimes poetic. Her music strives towards “infinity” between origin and development. Since 2004 Cio D’Or released 2 album´s, 10 EPs, 3EPs coproduced with Donato Dozzy, Gabriel Ananda or Paul Brtschitsch and 4 remixes for labels like Prologue, Semantica, Telrae, Hypnus or Time to Express. PULSA:RE is a combination of a DJ Set and new music with an ensemble, developed in cooperation with the composer Brigitta Muntendorf. Half German, half Colombian, Pablo Mateo is an artist firmly rooted within the contemporary art of techno. His productions are built around a firm understanding of analogue hardware, and can be defined as having an machine based aesthetic and applying emotional undertones to deep, organic rhythms. Pablo Mateo has also built up a following through his finely tuned DJ selections which are concise and personal and have become renowned for being driving and engaging while still remaining fun. In the +4Bar: a hybrid improvisational duo Twin Peaks consists of Future Terror’s resident DJ Haruka and DJ Yazi, an in-house DJ of Tokyo’s avant-garde hip hop collective Black Smoker Records. It all started out as a simple back to back DJ session which gradually took shape into the current 4-decks and 2-mixers setup where both of them lay hands simultaneously across many eras and genres of music, and weave it all into a seamless yet adventurous story. Occasionally incorporating hardwares and still evolving, it’s always a special affair of the two individually skilled DJs exploring the possibilities of further expressions. Manchester’s Paleman has rapidly risen through the ranks since emerging in 2012 from within the UK’s vibrant post-dubstep scene. He has quickly become one of the most respected DJs and producers with a view to innovation. Paleman’s knack for percussive, textural but elegantly driven dance floor music and beyond and has taken him around the world to showcase his unique DJing style and huge array of unreleased experiments.