• Mon
  • 14
  • 11
  • 2016
  • 23:59
House Of Waxx
Mon 14 November 2016 - 23:59

Christian Burkhardt is an artist truly absorbed with the range of sonic possibilities. A producer not content with existing within the realms of House and Techno, but one that is determined to further stretch its limits with his signature sound. His masterful use of technology meshed with the warm sounds of analog gear and over 13 years of music production experience, have tinged Christian Burkhardt’s production with a unique sound that other producers praise and DJ‘s never seem to stop playing. Bertrand Lacroix is Môme, a solo producer project which is mainly a blend of all his early influences and former experiences. The basic foundation of Môme’s sound is House with slight accents of Deep, Acid and Techno music. Sven Hergenhahn is Muanda, a producer from the Hardworksoftdrink creative collective founded by twelve friends in 2012, faithfully representing the Offenbach and Frankfurt am Main area. They work on a range of cross-discipline projects including music production. The first vinyl output of Hardworksoftdrink outfit was from Muanda, called “chup EP”. Shyam is a a young and talented musician from Moscow, well-known for his Deep and Tech-house style. Directing his crazy energy creating complicated, many-sided and emotional compositions, Shyam leaves flavorful understatements and mysterious depths. Perfect musical taste and great creativity possibilities led him to create own label “Simple Things”, creating space for talented musicians and DJs.