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  • 2017
  • 23:59
House Of Waxx
Mon 05 June 2017 - 23:59

Michelle Manetti is an East London based DJ, vocalist, promoter. Well known for her eclecticism & dynamic sets, drifting seamlessly between House, techno and disco with a particular persuasion for Jackin beats, funky grooves and soulful melodies. Michelle Manetti is the founder and Chief editor of prestigious female run music blog www.lipstickdisco.co.uk which has built up an enviable reputation within the industry and among its solid fanbase for showcasing the finest and freshest underground House, Techno and Disco, with particular emphasis on promoting female talent. Australian artist Christian Vance’s own fusion of House and Techno music is informed and influenced by his classically trained musical background in combination with early experiences of original Mid-West electronic ideals. He has been performing his own music in a live format since the late 90s. Christian’s career highlights include being invited by Derrick May to collaborate on a remix project for the movie Tekkonkinkreet in Carl Craig’s Detroit studio. His latest project is a collaboration with Berlin artist, Discrete Circuit, entitled Away Soundsystem. Alex Tsotsos aka GummiHz is a greek dj and music producer residing in Berlin, Germany. A key figure amongst Greece’s finest house and techno exports. Alex also runs the labels Claap, C-EDITS and Raw Instinct. A true electronic music chameleon, GummiHz has lived and worked in the top international hot spots, played at some of the best venues on the globe and is affiliated with more than a handful of distinguished labels of the genre.