• Mon
  • 26
  • 02
  • 2018
  • 23:59
House of Waxx
Mon 26 February 2018 - 23:59

Federico Benedetti aka Onirik is a house DJ and producer currently based in Berlin who runs Finest Hour Records together with Pablo Tarno, and who showcased their label at a HoW night in October 2016. Onirik has also become known as the man behind the Off The Grid vinyl distribution company, which represents Finest Hour, Bass Cadet Records, Tape Archive, Kontrast and Discobar among others. Always looking for ways to further diversify, in 2016 he added another label, Garage Hermétique – an outlet for him to grow as a producer, and explore darker and weirder textures away from the safety of the dancefloor he & his extensive record collection command so effortlessly. Zurkin is a DJ from Georgia and who has regularly played at Tblissi’s top techno venue Bassiani. Together with Vakho Gamtsemlidze, he owns the only vinyl shop in Tbilisi Vodkast, which is also a label and podcast series. Zurkin is one the few musicians who never performs in the same style. He perfectly matches music to the moment and ambience. He mixes widest possible range of music. One can explore Zurkin’s sets at the best Georgian clubs and festivals and tonight on the Globus Floor. Returning House Of Wax guest Juliano is from Lyon and has no limits in his mixes’ approach: House, Techno, Funk, Disco, Acid, Italo or even more, from past to present, will always be used to reach a magical and vibrant moment to keep you in a higher dancefloor level. Now Berlin-based, Juliano formed his own label That Place on which he released his first EP, with a second in the works.