• Mon
  • 14
  • 05
  • 2018
  • 23:59
House Of Waxx
Mon 14 May 2018 - 23:59

Mattia Favaretto aka Steve Murphy has been DJing since 2001, and in the past years has been rocking almost every club in his region. He is serious and professional behind the decks: playing only with vinyl, he blends electro and house, techno and new wave, acid madness and pop appeal. In 2012 Steve started the Riviera project and has founded the Muscle Records label, together with Lucretio, DJ Octopus, Caio, Madì Grein and Chevel. The label is a facility to spread what has been called “the sound of Brenta”: a raw, nasty, machines powered clash of house and techno. Joining him once again @ House Of Waxx is Italian Marco Zanin aka DJ Octopus, one-half of Die Roh and also describes himself as a 90s MTV addicted, vinyl supporter and Akai lover. Augmenting this dynamic House Of Waxx line-up is Frankfurt’s Robert Drewek, founder of Rawax: providing delicious sets of groovy house with techno impressions, he founded his own record distribution DBH Music in 2007 with Alex Bau and Jörg Henze. Today DBH is one of the most important record distributions for electronic music and the home of Rawax which had an amazing impact in the scene from day one.