• Mon
  • 29
  • 10
  • 2018
  • 23:59
House of Waxx
Mon 29 October 2018 - 23:59

Klas Lindblad aka Freestyle Man aka Sasse has been DJing since the end of the 80s, dwelling first thru pop music and eventually finding electronic music in the early 90s. He was running one of the first house clubs in Turku, Finland from 92-96 and was a regular guest at the major parties in the Finnish electronic scene. His early work has been considered a milestone in the Scandinavian house sound and the original 12-inches are still very much sought after. Real house music for the real house heads. Living in Berlin, Dahu produces atmospheric house music. Spawned in the quiet catharsis of the forest and the fast-paced madness of the urban sprawl alike, his throbbing bass and delicate melodies intertwine to create layers of haunting, bass-driven sound. Felix Göllner aka Flexonaut is a DJ from Berlin who has been dishing out house sets in the capital’s coolest clubs, international venues and festivals and providing podcasts for top online platforms for at least the last seven years. Having been publicist for the respected Kompakt label and distributor, Flexonaut  now gathers a solid fan base for his unique turntablism.