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  • 06
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  • 2019
  • 23:59
House of Waxx
Mon 06 May 2019 - 23:59

Returning artist Gramrcy is one of the Bristol artists who has garnered much attention ever since the release of his debut 12” Ruffian on Berceuse Heroique’s sister-label, Ancient Monarchy. Gramrcy’s style within the confines of this record hones in on nostalgic rave-inspired breaks, wailing synths, muddy, disjointed basslines and melodies that make you feel as if you are stuck in limbo with no idea how you got there. Gramrcy has become a cherished figure within Bristol’s electronic music scene and it is not hard to see why: an artist whose sound can be introspective, dark, and uncertain at times, breaking free of stylistic shackles, straddling a gloriously indefinable line. Jasmin Hoek is Jasmín from the Netherlands. A relative newcomer to the Dutch club scene, Jasmín has rapidly become a feature of Amsterdam’s nightlife institutions. Jasmín is a regular at De School, Red Light Radio – home to her Petting Dogs show – and Utrecht’s Stranded FM, the up-and-coming DJ wades into moody atmospheres with sets that shift between raw electro, powerful percussion and psychedelic techno on the one hand, and broken beats and melodic ambient on the other. We welcome her to House Of Waxx. From the UK, Neinzer is a DJ/producer with releases on: Timedance, International Black, Yumé Records and Deep Moves. Employing a unique stripped back style, his tracks cover ground from lo-fi to minimal while retaining a certain melodic charm, and his subtle style of production has been the reason discerning diggers have been keeping a keen eye out for any forthcoming material. Neinzer’s records are a shining example of how less is more, carving out a quiet niche in a genre which so often finds itself recycling ideas without inspiration.