• Mon
  • 20
  • 05
  • 2019
  • 23:59
House of Waxx
Mon 20 May 2019 - 23:59

Berlin-based John Osborn is the founder and creative director of Dred and Tanstaafl Records. John’s impressive productions again are of a very distinguished sound; all diverse, whether bouncy or more warped, they still contain his signature dark, deep, metallic resonating, dubby sound. You definitely hear his UK roots in there too: nuances of jungle, bass and experimental electronic music soaked up at warehouse parties from his youth. John’s latest project is his own imprint DRED. Founded in 2017 and hinting to the industry that times have changed, a new chapter has started. With three releases to date, here Osborn is in sole creative control, calling all the shots without interference or compromise. When John Osborn is behind the decks you see and hear someone who is just as passionate about the music as he is about the technical aspect of the work. He is at his happiest when playing his trademark style of playful hypnotic deep house. A sound undoubtedly connected to his own productions, where the focus always lies on the dance floor, whether it be peak time or a more floating after hours moment. Returning to the HofW decks is Max Heesen aka Langenberg, co-founder of Essen based label Mild Pitch. His first output as a producer in 2007 marked the beginning of an ongoing string of remarkable releases on labels like Dessous Recordings, Liebe*Detail, Drumpoet Community. STHLM Audio and Mild Pitch. Under his „Ribn“ moniker, a producing alliance with Manuel Tur, Langenberg shows an equally attractive discography with releases on many distinguished labels. We also welcome back Elie Eidelman to the decks: the NYC-born and Israeli-raised DJ has been playing for over 15 years around the globe bringing his unique blend and attitude to the dance floor and powerful Sweatlodge podcasts. While working behind the scene for his own JackOff Records, as well as for Sweat Lodge Radio and SLIM, Elie Eidelman is continually readying new productions and collaborations.