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  • 05
  • 08
  • 2019
  • 23:59
House of Waxx
Mon 05 August 2019 - 23:59

A frequent guest in our home, head of Paso Music and “Members” in Berlin, as a DJ, producer and label-owner Marc Miroir has been around the scene on a national and international level since 1993 and is therefore far from being a flash in the pan or a one-hit-wonder. Marc Miroir is considered by many as the man who contributes his special touch to every party by a mixture of charisma and his particular choice of music. His vast experience as a DJ and his ability to create a journey from deep house to banging techno in his long sets make Miroir a sure-fire crowd mover at the best clubs world-wide. Music made for dancing, created by hypnotic, groovy and sometimes also strange sounds, is his first aim. After moving to Berlin in 2007 Marc Miroir released numerous well-received EPs and finally in 2012 his full-length album “Hitting Home” was released on Paso, setting the path for this unique artist. Ici Sans Merci earned his stripes through the underground scene and illegal raves located in Amsterdam, and throughout the rest of the Netherlands, these endeavors have allowed him to become the DJ he is today. He plays regularly at top venues and festivals, and was also presented with the Dutch Techno Award for “Best New Artist of 2012”. He is the head name dropper of Amsterdam’s underground club Radion and head honcho of the concept Aura for which he has booked international headliners. Ici Sans Merci is renowned for his cross genre DJ sets with still the underground rave vibe in it. We also welcome back the house music magic from turntablist ace Prodomo, whose many early morning Globus sets remain unforgettable. If anyone knows the Globus decks, it is Prodomo, a Tresor family member and resident since the club’s earliest baby steps. Get ready to step out to the hottest house tunes tonight!