• Mon
  • 30
  • 09
  • 2019
  • 23:59
House of Waxx
Mon 30 September 2019 - 23:59

In the concrete grayness of the Amsterdam suburbs we find Pascal Pinkert and Timothy Francis working on their darker wave salvation, going by the moniker of De Ambassade. Cold, distant songs about lost love with a distinct DIY sound and haunting hollow Dutch vocals soaked in reverb make each of their songs instantly identifiable as De Ambassade. After the unannounced release of their first single, the group was shrouded in mystery while the Dutch scene was demanding for more releases to its likeness. De Ambassade is a shadow play set against a smokescreen decor with vintage synths, creating a grim atmosphere invoking feelings of emptiness, dystopia that feels peculiarly comfortable. House Of Waxx welcomes back Eluize: from Berlin Kreuzberg to London, the underground house sets by Eluize tend to seduce you, render you unable to stand still, a sensual club experience in the genre that she declares “music for moonlighting”. An Australian born DJ, producer and vocalist, Eluize draws inspiration from all corners of the globe and has a passion for combining the music she uncovers and creates to shape soundtracks for all hours on the dance floor. In May 2016, she launched her imprint ‘Night Tide’, that stands for deep melodic electronic music, beauty in sound and collaborations between sonic and visual artists from around the world, releases are pressed on vinyl as well as being released digitally. Eluize’s sonic leanings span from dubby and spacious, through euphoric and orchestral to intense and acidic, incorporating unique blends of traditional instruments, drum machines, synths and pristine vocals. Returning House Of Wax guest Julian Besancon aka Juliano is from Lyon and has no limits in his mixes’ approach: House, Techno, Funk, Disco, Acid, Italo or even more, from past to present, will always be used to reach a magical and vibrant moment to keep clubbers on a higher dancefloor level. Now Berlin-based, Juliano formed his own label That Place on which he released his first EP, with a second in the works. As a DJ, he spins music from past to present with an unique versatile and mesmerising mixing style. Since his Berlin residency Juliano has performed in most major clubs in the German capital.