• Mon
  • 03
  • 02
  • 2020
  • 23:59
House of Waxx
Mon 03 February 2020 - 23:59

Soraya is the founder of the influential Truants platform, shaping the way many view new and old electronic sounds. Truants is a non-profit cultural platform that a rare place where music is treated as near-sacred. Through the Truants platform, its website, and events, Soraya, who is Amsterdam-raised, London-based, elevates the sounds and voices of artists making interesting, culture-pushing work. A string of successful ventures into DJing has lead to some impressive call ups to the fore. With nights in Helsinki, Paris, Cologne and Amsterdam Soraya is not restricted to one local scene, like the blog its international following is reflected in their touring and sets. anu is a DJ and illustrator based in London. When not ushering in the dance, her work as wicked radio host is unparalleled, with shows for NTS, Rinse, BCR & Balamii, bringing a seamless colourful palette of music ranging from nostalgic Bollywood soundtracks, new age walls of ambience, early Hosono and party tunes. With a supremely varied collection and sensibility, anu always brings a smile to the dancers’ faces. “Theo & Dique” – together they are Champagne Funk. The Balamii Radio duo is known to specialize in jazz, house, broken beat, sleazy soul and forward-thinking electronic grooves. Their collection has landed them with bookings at Kala // Dimensions // Sunfall Festivals and most recently Farr 2018. House Of Waxx welcomes Champagne Funk to the decks tonight.