• Mon
  • 21
  • 09
  • 2015
  • 23:59
House Of Waxx
Mon 21 September 2015 - 23:59

Every Monday we involve different DJs, labels, residents or record shops to host a night with like-minded artists, BFFs and respected colleagues in Globus. The focus lies in vinyl DJing, buddy atmo and just flat-out good vibes. All in hyperfat sound, brought to you by Void Acoustics. Spin that mofo! Botev & Nosed are two likable guys who make Berlin their home and have a definite penchant and love for early Chicago house and New York garage. Consequently underground fans know their record collection can guarantee for a set oscillating between contemporary and scintillating trips through classic house tunes. JM Moser is from the Brown Rice/Berlin Community Radio station team. BCR is an online radio station presenting everything that is coming from, passing through or influencing the creative scene in Berlin. Its aim is to bring together the continually evolving communities of the city and to establish a modern platform for cultural exchange. With shows about music, art, lifestyle and events, carefully curated and presented by a selection of contributors, it represents what Berlin is today to its citizens and the outside world. BCR collegue land newcomer Sarah Miles joins the House Of Waxx program for your Monday night of house music excellence.

  • 23:59 - 02:30
    Botev & NosedFigure 8/ Berlin
  • 02:30 - 05:00
    JM MoserBrown Rice/ Berlin
  • 05:00 - End
    Sarah MilesBerlin Community Radio/ Berlin