• Mon
  • 22
  • 09
  • 2014
  • 23:00
House Of Waxx
Mon 22 September 2014 - 23:00

Every Monday we involve different DJs, labels, residents, record shops to host a night with like-minded artists, BFFs and respected colleagues in Globus. The House of Waxx focus lies on vinyl DJing, buddy atmo and just flat-out good vibes. All in hyperfat sound, brought to you by Void Acoustics. Spin that mofo! Alix Alvarez was conditioned to be a musical mastermind at an early age, beginning turntable training at 12, becoming an assistant engineer at New York’s MAW (Masters At Work) studios and finding his integral place among NY house DJs. Whether recording or remixing on respected labels such as Real Tone, Innervision and Ovum, where he released his debut EP “Elixr”, Alix Alvarez’s productions and DJ sets continue to push boundaries while keeping his New York roots intact, blazing trails and setting precedence for the future of dance music. Emanuel Satie is a producer, DJ and live act based in Frankfurt, Germany. His music is released on labels such as Get Physical, Cécille Records and Suara. Thabo Getsome is a German DJ who picked up the turntable ropes after having been involved in event organization. As a result he has released music on labels like Suara or Clap Your Hands. His sets follow a suspense curve, driven by pulsating basslines, rhythmic percussions and a little dashes of the hip hop he fell in love with in the 90s. UK artists Andy Shef & Si Heslin aka A.S.S.H. are a smashing young outfit from Manchester who have already received positive Beatport support from fans and tonight step up to the decks back-to-back with landsman Matt Henshaw, resident DJ and promoter at Electronique and co-owner/resident DJ at Under.

  • 2300
    Thabo GetsomeSuara, Electronique
  • 0100
    Emanuel SatieGet Physical, Electronique
  • 0300
    Alix AlvarezOvum, Endless
  • 0500
    A.S.S.H. b2b Matt HenshawElectronique