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  • 09
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  • 2016
  • 23:59
House Of Waxx
Mon 09 May 2016 - 23:59

Hailing from the greater Frankfurt Area Sascha Dive has made quite some impression on the international house and techno circus over the last years. Although the deephouse traveller looks back to an amazing amount of pristine releases with the first official vinyl pressed back in 2007 one can still call him a young gun. Strongly influenced by the godfathers of deephouse like Moodyman, Chez Damier or Ron Trent, Sascha’s musical taste reaches from his deephouse backround and soulful minimal sounds to kicking and mind blowing techno he playedin  almost every leading club and festival over the last years. And besides all the touring, producing and releasing on distinguished international labels, he still runs his own “Deep Vibes” label with great success. Matthias Schildger aka Matt Star describes his musical style as follows: “Everything I like or Microphunk“. He plays everything from ambient and trip hop stuff to rather hard techno – everything he likes, depending on the mood. But in the clubs he mostly goes ahead in a pretty strict and determined way: “it’s got to make people dance! it has to be groovy!” Matt Star is also in high demand as a remix artist and is always busy creating new, amazing interpretations for his colleagues. Rawax artist Paul Evans from London completes this Wednesday night House Of Wax groove salad.

  • 23:59 - 02:30
    Paul EvansRawax/ London
  • 02:30 - 05:00
    Sascha DiveRawax, Deep Vibes/ Frankfurt
  • 05:00 - End
    Matt StarRawax, Housewax/ Frankfurt