• Thu
  • 29
  • 10
  • 2015
  • 20:00
Max Cooper Pres. Emergence
Thu 29 October 2015 - 20:00

Einlass / doors open: 20:00 Uhr/8pm
Beginn / start: 21:00 Uhr/9pm

Max Cooper has created his own artistic space that oscillates between the worlds of dancefloor, fine art design and visuals. His first high point was achieved with his debut album “Human” in 2014. More than million online streams of his music, diverse festival performances and gorgeous shows in European metropoles – all belonging to the new aspiring elite of electronic producers. Cooper began his live show “Emergence” last year: a one-man live performance that utilizes experimental, musical and visual elements. With “Emergence” Cooper is touring the entire globe. Convince yourself how live electronics and acoustic sounds with visual and audible elements melt together in an experience of the senses.

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  • 21:00 - 22:00
    Support: DEADBEAR
  • 22:00 - 23:30
    Max Coopermaxcooper.net, Emergence/UK