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  • 12
  • 02
  • 2016
  • 23:59
NEW CODES by Berlin Atonal
Fri 12 February 2016 - 23:59

The first New Codes of 2016 welcomes in the new year by inviting more than twenty artists to descend upon the Tresor complex over two nights. Things start on Thursday 11 February when two of the most highly regarded label-collectives of 2015 join forces for a special combined showcase at OHM.

Abdulla Rashim and Varg’s Stockholm-based Northern Electronics brings together, like no other platform in contemporary music, the best in shadowy techno, mesmerising ambient and rusty metallic industrial sounds. Not far away in Copenhagen, the guys at Posh Isolation are building an all-encompassing cultural machine that outputs in equal parts ambient electronics, noise, punk, performance art and design. The meeting of these two Scandinavian collective minds will produce an unrivalled show of force at OHM: six live shows means six equipment and drama-heavy excursions into the fertile creative spirit of the North’s best musical provocateurs.

The next night – Friday 12 February – New Codes explodes Tresor, Globus and OHM with more musical talent. Playing live is Legowelt (unquestionably the world’s foremost expert at squeezing supple jams out of analog circuitry), Född Död (the Nordic god and goddess duo composed of Varg and SARS) and Départment D’Education Psychique. Playing with Född Död in the cellar are Abdulla Rashim and Golden Pudel’s Nina. With Legowelt upstairs are Klaxon’s head-honcho Dexter and Livity Sound’s young French prodigy Simo Cell. While Dynamo Dreesen and SVN round out a very special Acido Records showcase with the Département at OHM.

*Please note that due to unlucky circumstances Skee Mask will not be performing tonight. He will be replaced by Atonal favourite Skratch.

  • 2359
    NinaGolden Pudel/ Hamburg
  • 0230
    Live: Född DödNorthern Electronics/ SE
  • 0330
    Abdulla RashimNorhtern Electronics/ SE
  • 0600
    SkratchWork/ Berlin
  • 2359
    Simo CellFragil, Livity Sound/ Paris
  • 0300
    Live: LegoweltCrème Organization, Bunker Records/ Den Haag
  • 0400
    DexterKlakson/ NL
  • 0600
    OrsonWork/ Berlin
Acido RecordsOHM
  • 2359
    SVNAcido Records, SUED/ Berlin
  • 0200
    Live: Département d'Education PsychiqueAcido Records/ Paris, Berlin
  • 0400
    Dynamo DreesenAcido Records/ Berlin