Aufgrund der Gesundheitsbesorgnisse durch das Coronavirus entscheidet sich Tresor im Interesse unserer Mitmenschen für eine präventive Schließung aller Veranstaltungsorte mit sofortiger Wirkung.

Unsere weitere Vorgehensweise wird in Anpassung an die zukünftigen Entwicklungen und behördlichen Vorgaben stattfinden.

Berlin, 12.3.2020

Due to the health concerns caused by the corona virus, Tresor has decided, in the interest of our fellow human beings, to preventively close all venues with immediate effect.

Our further course of action will take place in accordance with further developments and regulatory requirements.

Berlin, 12.3.2020

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Wed 02 January 2019 - 23:59

For those still up & at ‘em and ready to go, we have yet another party on the string of celebrations that ring in the new year. We welcome back Hamburg native and highly esteemed DJ and producer, Helena Hauff. She has been extremely busy touring lately and is one of the few DJs left who still plays almost all vinyl. She is a deep appreciator of punk music which reflects in her selection and style, she really has the ability to move a crowd and get the heads banging. Marc Trauner aka The Mover is a Frankfurt DJ who Tresor fans know from his full-length vinyl on our label, 2002’s “Frontal Frustration” (Tresor.198). He was also co-founder of record label Planet Core Productions and the hardcore techno production team with the same name, better known as PCP. Founder of Rave or Die and of the New Flesh Records imprint, Umwelt boasts over forty releases to date, which place him among the most prolific French electronic producers. In 2016, after a long spell off the radar, this expert in ferocious distortions tinted with sweet melancholy delivered his second album, entitled Days of Dissent and released on Boidae. The opus was highly acclaimed by the public and the press, which proclaimed it an electro referent. The Lyon-based artist, a vinyl and analogue freak, Umwelt continues the work of early pioneers with a wild and straight-to-the-dancefloor mode of transport, while progressively leading the listener into dark, melancholic, dancing and mental atmospheres where he alone has total control over the side effects. Our polished resident DJ REKA provides a solid support set tonight. In Globus, Mike Huckaby: the man behind the once legendary Record Time store has gathered an encyclopedic knowledge of music. He is a person who can see beyond the hype and divisions within the scene. With numerous highly acclaimed deep house productions and remixes on internationally renowned labels, Mike Huckaby brings the Detroit sound of deep house and techno with him. Possessing all the roots and culture of electronic dance music, he knows the balance between deep house and techno like no other. Tresor Club resident DJ Barbara Preisinger, who heads her own vinyl label Slice Of Life, presents her Deep In The Box evenings in Tresor once a month, whole nights of warm, kicking house and deep techno with cutting-edge international house DJs, something that fans of the night have come to thoroughly enjoy. From her hometown of Munich to success in Berlin, Barbara founded first the “scape”  label with Stefan Betke aka Pole and became a regular DJ in many Berlin clubs. Her passion is to play for the dancefloor, mixing kicking house and deep techno – often incorporating the music of many notable friends and artists. Since 2009 her Slices Of Life label has been gathering momentum and celebrated the two-part vinyl compilation SOL10.1 and SOL10.2 in our home last November. Natascha Kann has been involved in the clubbing scene since 2000. smelts nineties house music, detroit-techno and chicago-house, and oxygenises them with a hint of acid, there’s always a fleeting, melancholic resonance. Her blunt directness goes straightforward: her techno not too tough, her house not too soft. Clear and simple, no detours, old mixed with new. And every once in a while some soul vocals, giving away her love for black music and the 80’s.