• Thu
  • 01
  • 08
  • 2019
  • 23:59
Thursdays w/ Dino Sabatini & Fabrizio Lapiana
Thu 01 August 2019 - 23:59

It’s been awhile since Outis label head and returning live artist Dino Sabatini has manned our turntables, he is also a member of Dasha Rush’s Full Panda roster of artists: also known as part of the duo Modern Heads, 2006/2007 Dino released may successful EPs: “Paper Toys ”, “Ordinary Madness” and “Gliding” are just a few pearls of a style which is now one the most followed and have been inspiring many artists from the international techno scene. His solo productions mark the birth of a new techno concept that leaves no room for labels or definitions. In just the past few years, Sabatini has issued sonic statements characterized by sensations of pulsating darkness (2011’s Small steps EP on Sonic Groove), by intense and penetrating hypnotic effects (both the critically acclaimed Daughters of Phorcys EPs on Prologue, 2010), and of course by the cinematic full-length adventure Shaman’s Path (also on Prologue, 2012). Though his sounds are completely modern, synthesized and rendered with crystal clear production, Dino Sabatini continues to tend the deep roots of lost wisdom and mythology that have sustained human creativity for millenia. Italian DJ Fabrizio Lapiana last played in our home exactly a year ago, he has been DJing since the mid-90s but it wasn’t until 2008 that he launched his personal label Attic Music, characterized by deep and dark techno sounds. To date Fabrizio has over two handfuls of releases on Attic Music but he has also released tracks on a few other distinguished labels in the genre. His sets travel from deeper to harder techno, darker pieces are introduced to more melodic ones and acid or old school gems get updated with new unheard material – these are some of the key ingredients for Fabrizio while creating an intimate journey for the listener. In February 2018 Fabrizio released his  debut album “Intraverso”. Chris Braun is a Berlin DJ who debuted in our home on a Wednesday New Faces night in June 2017, returning a few months later for another weekend set in September. At that time Chris was collaborating regularly with the OSF project, a joint venture between Berlin-based DJ & Producer Nur Jaber and Designer & Visual Artist Yasmine Jaber. We welcome his talents back to the House Of Waxx decks tonight.

*** (Due to unforeseen circumstances, we regret to inform that Antonio Vazquez is unable to appear tonight)