• Thu
  • 26
  • 07
  • 2018
  • 23:59
Thursdays w/ Wania
Thu 26 July 2018 - 23:59

DJ Sotofett is with his wide span collaborations, productions & myriad of aliases the most releasing artist from Norway for more than a decade and a half. With his brother, the Sex Tags Mania (2004) label sees the home of left-of-center approach to traditional club music while the Sex Tags Amfibia (2005) platform outlets typically-alternative projects in the vain of dub/reggae, ambient, experimental, jazz & rock. The less profiled but more active Wania (2010) imprint is home for vinyl releases coming mostly from his own studio, while many DJ Sotofett productions can also be found on Laton, Keys Of Life, Acido Records, Honest Jon’s, Fit Detroit & m.m. befriended labels. As a DJ for nearly two decades, the musical source is rooted in the past five decades of dance & leftfield music. Whether it’s unexpected, unconventional, straight, or unreleased music it’s mostly presented as all-night or very lengthy sets. LNS, originally from Calgary, has since years been an integral part of Vancouver’s underground, creating and playing on-point and under-the-radar events. Her DJing reflects the pioneering years of Detroit and UK Techno. This style is mirrored in her production – the first 12inch, “Heliacal Rising” (Freakout Cult, 2016), with its cross-over electro and IDM, and on 4 records in collaboration with DJ Sotofett on his Wania label, including 2017’s balearic & deep techno 12inch-trilogy, and the sun-rise ambient “Soft Peak Mix” 10inch. LNS’ newest outputs manifests as a remix for NYC’s DFA, and last but not least, the recent self-released six-track “Recons One EP,” with short edged electro, leftfield & chillwave. Dresvn is an electronic music duo comprising of Dynamo Dreesen and Sven Rieger (SVN). Their “Acido 25” EP release last year was one of the most talked about examples of beautiful techno, with mesmerizing, shimmering percussion and thrilling dramatic tones. Sometimes given the description of “dub techno”, Dresvn’s musical boundaries stretch much further. Spending countless hours in their Berlin studio, Dresvn‘s music is “rhythmic, hypnotic and even euphoric” (RA).