Aufgrund der Gesundheitsbesorgnisse durch das Coronavirus entscheidet sich Tresor im Interesse unserer Mitmenschen für eine präventive Schließung aller Veranstaltungsorte mit sofortiger Wirkung.

Unsere weitere Vorgehensweise wird in Anpassung an die zukünftigen Entwicklungen und behördlichen Vorgaben stattfinden.

Berlin, 12.3.2020

Due to the health concerns caused by the corona virus, Tresor has decided, in the interest of our fellow human beings, to preventively close all venues with immediate effect.

Our further course of action will take place in accordance with further developments and regulatory requirements.

Berlin, 12.3.2020

  • Sat
  • 14
  • 03
  • 2020
  • 23:59
Tresor. 29 Years. Pt. II
Sat 14 March 2020 - 23:59

It’s now been 29 years since the founding of Tresor Club in Berlin, a ground-breaking moment in international techno history, and we can’t thank our fans and our family of artists enough for the continued enrichment of the house/techno scene! In March 1991, like-minded electronic music talents from Berlin and around the world jammed in an abandoned department store treasury, helping to carve out a new form of musical art: techno. Inspired by the Detroit masters, many of them shuttled between the Motor City and Berlin, creating masterpieces that were set on vinyl on the ensuing Tresor Records. Tonight for Pt. 2 of our birthday celebration we welcome back Paris artist and frequent Tresor guest Zadig who began by working at Matos DJ Store, the famous Bastille music store in the French capital which released his first album Dark Nebula in 2010. Zadig then started Construct Re-Form, a label on a human scale which was initially created to release his own productions – significant success had given him a solid basis to develop his own label. Construct Re-Form almost immediately welcomes 3 talented DJs known as Antigone, Voiski and Birth of Frequency. Zadig then becomes an astute label manager who provides technical advice and, perhaps most importantly, human support to his three protégés. One of techno’s true underground heroes, Dave Sumner aka Function has been DJing and making music for over 25 years. He is a founding member of the Sandwell District collective, Ostgut recording artist and owner of Infrastructure. he released his first 12″s on Damon Wild’s Synewave and his own Infrastructure imprint. From the late 90s through the 00s and moving to Berlin, Function continued to work with Regis and focused on Sandwell District. Since, the label come collective, skyrocketed into cult status -decentralizing the artist ego, blurring the lines between the artist, label and DJ; re-arranging the DNA of modern dance music until its demise in 2012. Function’s 2013 album “Incubation” received international attention, as did his appearances at top international clubs and festivals. In 2015 Function revived Infrastructure New York, releasing a string of beautifully crafted 12″s and albums, and in 2017 established a residency in Bassiani, in Tbilisi, Georgia as well as engaging in a new project which would form the techno supergroup LSD in collaboration with Luke Slater and Steve Bicknell that they would described as “lysergic machine music”. London-based returning artist Steve Bicknell is a welcome regular guest in Tresor Club. Steve has delivered some of the most powerful and riveting techno sets over the years in the Tresor vault. He was resident DJ at the famous Energy raves, participating in many of the defining events in UK club culture’s history. Steve and Sheree Rashit (who together formed the renowned Cosmic Records, (featuring a roster of international visionaries) run the now legendary LOST events which influenced a whole generation of British electronic musicians. Tresor Club resident Magda El Bayoumi is an artist of Polish and Egyptian origin living in Berlin, Germany. She tends to oscillate between different sub-genres of house and techno: whether she is opening the night, playing in prime time or closing the party, she adjusts easily providing the best possible performance and record selection to fit the night. Good classic or fresh and new sound techno and house or versatile electronic productions play an important role in Magda’s choice of music today. In Globus: since 2007, Berlin native and frequent Tresor guest Mike Dehnert has run raw Techno label Fachwerk Records, MD2 and a more house oriented subdivision calling Colomabge. The imprints’ mission is simple: to release their own take on raw, floor techno. And so they have done, on 37 different occasions, earning both the label and the artists behind it the respect of in-the-know, serious techno fans the world over. Dehnert’s own productions (often informed by his grubby, dub infused and textured live techno sets at institutions like Berghain and Tresor) have also been unleashed on the world via other respected imprints including Clone Records, Echochord Colour, Deeply Rooted House and Delsin. Techno legend and longtime Tresor friend Moritz von Oswald is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, mastering and cutting engineer at Dubplates & Mastering, (1995 – 2008), who has been at the cutting edge of German and international electronic music since it’s humble beginnings. One of dub techno’s best known producers, he was one half of the legendary projects Basic Channel and Maurizio. Basic Channel and Maurizio records are characterized by a 4×4 beats with dub-inflected syncopated synth pads slowly modulated over time, and his work with Mark Ernestus as Rhythm & Sound fused his interests in dub reggae and techno, where Jamaican vocalists sing or speak over stripped down techno beats and bass. In 2013 Moritz von Oswald joined with another Tresor giant Juan Atkins for their collaborative release “Borderland”. Dutch artist Reynier Hooft van Huijsduijnen is Deniro, producer, DJ and co-founder of Tape Records in Amsterdam. His terrific set in the basement last October is not easily forgotten. Deniro is represented by Voyage Direct, a record label established to represent the wealth of electronic music talent coming out of the Netherlands, and also is associated with Berlin label Trip. Tresor Club resident Handmade‘s DJing is perfectly tuned to the Globus Floor’s wavelength: oscillating between house and techno styles, the dancing crowd in a firm grip, driven to fill the dancefloor. An integral part of the Tresor resident team since 2009, Handmade earned his stripes in the rocky terrain of the Berlin nightlife. Little by little he developed his pumping original mix of superior and timeless dance styles that have particularly influenced his experience. Handmade’s explosive trademark DJ style: deep and dubby-grounded á la Detroit, with the jacking stabs of Chicago influences and occasional deviations into tougher or soulful soundscapes.