• Fri
  • 30
  • 06
  • 2017
  • 23:59
Fri 30 June 2017 - 23:59

A very global line-up fills out tonight’s Tresor.Klubnacht. We welcome the return of Takaaki Itoh, Japanese techno producer, DJ and promoter who founded the acclaimed Wols label and endears his fan base with his ever-powerful, driving techno sets with a very modern approach. Psyk, aka Manuel Anós, is a solid staple of the current techno scene. His sets in the best clubs and festivals all over the world have helped crystallize his DJ talents making him one of the most requested DJs on the circuit, and a member of the Tresor Records family with his 2015 12” “Works” (Tresor.282). Since its inception in 2011, Psyk’s own Non Series imprint has released collaborations by strings of prominent artists. Grounded Theory artist and co-founder, DJ, producer, promoter and owner of his own Manhigh imprint and cutting-edge releases on K209, Henning Baer is no stranger to the Tresor decks.  a DJ of worldwide renown for ability and tastes, Henning Baer forged his enviable résumé with his own hands. Following on years of closely-synchronized work with fellow resident Milton Bradley, Henning Baer asserted greater independence with innovative production styles on an EP for Taanstaafl Planets. The launch of his own label buttresses the foundation of his own work, to be built up alongside a select few whose productions meet the curatorial acumen of one of techno’s finest ears. XHEI is an Argentinian DJ/producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. After 18 years in the electronic music scene he gained the right knowledge and experience to begin producing his own tracks, spacing in the darkness and minimalistic techno branches. In Globus: Alejandro Mosso is an accomplished Argentinian musician and live performer with more than 10 years of experience. Besides running his own label ‘mosso’, he has signed music to some of the most respected labels in the scene. From Bunker New York and Interdimensional Transmissions, Patrick Russell has provided some intense techno, heat-tinged podcasts for Bunker and Bunker Recordings – hang onto your heels for the return of this hot producer’s turntable magic. Also from Argentina, returning artist Nico Purman has been roasting the proverbial marshmallows since he first started collecting records, before being completely corrupted by the fabled late 1980’s Chicago Acid House movement.  With releases on Vakant, Crosstown Rebels, Mule Electronic, Curle, Modelisme and Art Of Memory, his new project and label alongside the graphic artist Melina Pecharki. In the world of Airdrop Records co-founder Paulo, it’s about morphing DJing and restless label work all into one. Growing up in France and moving through Buenos Aires, he formed Airdrop with Henry, with label spearheads Franco Cinelli, Andres Zacco and Leonel Castillo. Performing at top international venues, Paulo’s experience as a label-head got some prestigious labels to employ him, getting Paulo to manage the logistics of the !K7 Label Group and currently give a new artistic direction to our own Tresor Records.