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Fri 14 September 2018 - 23:59

Rhys Fulber is a Canadian electronic musician and producer. He is a member of the legendary groups Front Line Assembly and Delerium along with Bill Leeb, and now records on his own as Rhys Fulber and under the name Conjure One. A prolific innovator of industrial music, his latest release Your Dystopia, My Utopia reveals high-quality, intenseness, blending dancefloor, techno and EBM in dark, industrial-rooted moods. Not to miss! Ancient Methods was originally an industrial/techno duo of Conrad Protzmann & Michael Wollenhaupt aka Baeks & Trias: now it’s been Trias’ one man project since Baeks’ departure. Both originally integral DJs in the former legendary Tresor Headquarters team, today Ancient Methods takes this genre and drives you into its vortex right on the dancefloor. Rrose is an elusive and mysterious techno producer named after a conceptual character (Rrose Sélavy) created by Marcel Duchamp in the 1920s. Rrose released four works on Sandwell District, which was set up by Function and Regis, plus Silent Servant, all names that will be known to those who delve into the more serious underground side of techno. Rrose put out some of the last releases on the label, straight-up pieces of deep, driving techno that sound like they were drilled out of the bed of the ocean. Rrose is also the founder of the Eaux label. Our excellent techno resident Reka provides extra solid support. In Globus: On Sound Of Vast, artist Colin de la Plante aka The Mole is able to pull either inspiration or wax for his house-heavy DJ sets and live presentations from a diverse range of sounds, from Disco to Jazz, Hip Hop to Funk. Low-key and loved by many, the rambling captain of Maybe Tomorrow boasts a steadfast commitment to keeping it groovy…and weird!! With a career spanning over 20 years, the Modern Deep Left Quartet and Units & Measurements member also released his third LP titled De La Planet. Expertly produced and energetic, the LP remains true to this ethos but feels distinctly new, too. Canadian Konrad Black, whose  solo release “The Scorched Earth” on Broken Beat caused quite a stir in the scene, not to mention the dark tones of “Draconia” & “Medusa Smile” that enveloped dancefloors around the Globe, christening his influential Wagon Repair label in style, as well as establishing him as a highly innovative producer and much sought after remixer (just check out his work for Tiga, Snax, Audion and Martini Brös if further proof is required). Part of the first wave of North American producers to infiltrate Berlin’s modern techno movement, Konrad Black‘s shadowy production style and charismatic live persona has since had dance-floors basking in the long shadows cast by his presence on the scene. His signature sound is a masterwork of harmonious contradictions, pairing apocalyptic basslines and moody synth progressions with a cinematic temperament that finds its most compelling moments within the spaces between the notes. Hreno was born and raised in Montreal, and currently is based in Berlin. He has released on Fur Trade, Next Door Recordings, Sound Architecture, Meander, Autochtone, Turbo, and Maybe Tomorrow, and has remixes with The Mole and solo for various labels. Sound Of Vast co-founder, artist Red Pig Flower is a London and Berlin-based DJ, producer and artist. She started her career as a professional DJ at club Rooty (Tokyo) and Air (seoul), and sizzled up the dance floor with a tribal beat in an impressive style. Red pig flower’s most extraordinary skill is her habit of getting people’s hearts racing with tribal beats and cooling the steam off with upbeat techno sets. However from 2010 she moved to London to continue to explore new beats and grooves: now her set is more experimental and interesting with variety of tribal beat and experimental sounds by Ableton Live.