• Sat
  • 29
  • 09
  • 2018
  • 23:59
Tresor.Klubnacht w/ Juan Atkins & Dave Clarke
Sat 29 September 2018 - 23:59

In Detroit in the late 80s, a handful of musicians and electronic composers were tinkering with the mixture of styles that was to become known as “techno”. One of these legendary futurists was Juan Atkins. Finding inspiration in the European synth sounds of Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, etc. and sampling these together with U.S. hip hop and funk, a new sound hit the Detroit dancefloors and was an instant hit. His first Model 500 releases showed a distinct and individual style and are today historic artifacts of the genre yet remain timeless and revered. His subsequent albums on Tresor Records and his own Metroplex label have cemented Juan Atkins’ reputation as one of the most important and enduring electronic music artists of modern times. Juan is always a welcome guest in our home. Sven von Thülen also returns to Globus decks, DJ and co-author with Felix Denk of “Klang der Familie”, the definitive oral history of the German capital’s techno culture – his turntable talent is ever so evident, as he has shown in former sets in our home and tonight will be no exception. Stojche Cvetanovski aka Stojche has been a resident DJ in Tresor Club for some years now, providing his distinct style of turntablism that has garnered him a solid base, a perfect support set for this excellent Globus Floor line-up. Tonight on the Tresor Floor you also are treated to the exemplary techno from the genius of the genre Dave Clarke. What more can one add to the olympus magnitude of Dave Clarke‘s resume of electronic music history? With over 25 years making magic in the industry, he is one of the leaders in the international techno circus, helping to re-write the qualities of the post-punk generation through the purist of techno and electro styles among a world of fast-selling chart crossover target marketing schemes – he remains an outsider and alternative musician of the best kind. Over the years, Dave Clarke‘s nights in our home have gained legendary status, and it is always the greatest of pleasures to welcome him back. Powerhouse Tresor residents T.A.G. and Dinamite will provide excellent support with their signature techno sets.