• Sat
  • 16
  • 08
  • 2014
  • 23:59
Sat 16 August 2014 - 23:59

Techno can do a lot, if you let it do so. That is Alex Bau‘s credo, and inspired the name of his very intelligent album “Credo” and the very intelligent label Credo. The “Bavarian techno machine” or “Mr. Gringotechno” is literally all over the electronic dance music spectrum, having also started the label “Toneman” back in 2000 and also started to his solo productions for labels like Chris Liebing`s CLR or the Montreal based label “Default Recordings”. Very much the chameleon, Alex Bau has been voted amongst the best DJ`s in Germany more than once. A truly prolific artist, UK artist Mark Broom has a myriad of production credits to his name, having worked with world renowned labels such as Mo-Wax, Warp, R&S, Soma, Ifach (with Baby Ford), Bpritch Control, Cocoon, Blueprint and his own label Beard Man – among many others. His fiery techno sets in Tresor are the stuff of legend and we recommend highly not missing Mark Broom’s appearance tonight. Dutch artist and fellow Credo labelmate Folker Zwart adds support. In Globus the third installment of the X.Series will allow the audience to discover the line-up on the night of the party. Mystery is the spice of life.

Credo NightTresor
  • Alex BauCredo/ DE
  • Mark BroomPure Plastic/ UK
  • Folker ZwartCredo, Schwung/ NL
  • Line up will not be announced