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Sat 01 June 2019 - 23:59

London-based returning artist Steve Bicknell is a welcome regular guest in Tresor Club. Steve has delivered some of the most powerful and riveting techno sets over the years in the Tresor vault. He was resident DJ at the famous Energy raves, participating in many of the defining events in UK club culture’s history. Steve and Sheree Rashit (who together formed the renowned Cosmic Records, (featuring a roster of international visionaries) run the now legendary LOST events which influenced a whole generation of British electronic musicians. Argentinian Jonas Kopp has gained and produced a first-rate reputatio: 2006 marked his official debut release, a rousing EP on Pfirter’s MindTrip Music, and from that point, he has become one of the most versatile and recognised multifaceted performers in the underground scene. His discography is spread out not only over top international labels, but also his connection to Tresor Club, where Jonas Kopp has regularly played over the last few years, and also released two full-length albums on Tresor Records: “Beyond The Hypnosis” (Tresor.273) in 2014, and his follow-up “Photon Belt” (Tresor.293) in 2017. Nicolas Bornia aka Farceb one of the new emerging figures from the techno music scene in Argentina, and he is considered as one of the best DJs/producers of his country in recent years. Farceb is able to provide a unique experience full of personality, transmitting different atmospheres and sensations in his tracks as well as in his sessions. In 2013 he released his first track on a compilation of various artists for the Mexican label Prototype Sequences. In 2014, Farceb took part of the new Argentine label called Orióni, editing his first track on vinyl with other Argentinian artists as Mental Resonance, Pulse One, Luis Ruiz and Jonas Kopp. Lately he has definitely found his own musical vision that characterizes him: a powerful and hypnotic techno. Stefano Chesti aka Stephno made his Tresor debut last October at our weekly New Faces night. In 2012 Stephno made his debut in one of the most prestigious clubs in the Italian capital, the Goa Club, with “Resistance is Techno” putting records vinyl alongside DJs like Ben Sims, Dave Clarke, OscarMulero, Phase and others. He also played in roman club like Circolo degli Illuminati, Circolo Andrea Doria and others. Stephno  is currently living in Berlin where he is working on various projects and it is looking for a sound that can mix his very strong style and his old school soul and mentality. In Globus: we welcome back Franco Cinelli, one of the most well known techno DJ/Producer in Argentina. In 1995, inspired by the sounds of Detroit, he made his very first tracks. As the years were going thru, Cinelli was gaining experience, and became a key player in the argentine scene. His DJ sets are an harmonic blend between different styles rounded by a flawless mixing technique. In Argentina, he played in almost every important club around. Also forming a terrific live show, Franco has become known is many important European venues as well. For over 15 years Dorian Paic has been running Raum…Musik together with Olaf Zern. A passionate lover of vinyl, Dorian has been DJing for over 25 years and revels in the unique warmth and analogue sound of black wax. Now Berlin-based, Dorian still retains close ties to his home city of Frankfurt. A respected DJ and much-loved behind the scenes figure, Paic has done it all. He’s best known for his long standing association with Frankfurt institutions such as Cocoon, Robert Johnson and the now-closed Freebase Records, where he worked for close to a decade. DJ/producer John Dimas was drawn to the sounds of Chicago, Acid and French House, and honed his skills in his native Thessaloniki. Quickly gaining a reputation for his unique sets using three turntables and his ear for digging out a hot, rare track, naturally the international club invites followed and Dimas’s 2013 debut album proved him to be quite the avant-garde artist. On a release front, he has maintained a steady output since his 2010 debut, pushing a playful minimal-house sound with intricate drum patterns and wonky basslines.  Elsewhere, Dimas also heads up Elephant Moon, a vinyl-only record label through which he aims to search out and support new talent.