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Ron Morelli, the L.I.E.S. label founder, has given a simple answer as to why he started the label: his friends were making great tracks that wouldn’t have otherwise come out. Founded in 2010, L.I.E.S. quickly rose to critical acclaim among music critics and fans, its 12″ vinyl releases frequently quickly selling out after influential music stores like Hard Wax began to champion the label. Ron’s February 2018 track on the “Waves Of The Future” compilation, on Alessandro Adriani’s Mannequin label, is an excellent taster of this talented artist who we have welcomed to the Tresor decks on numerous occasions. Those familiar with Oliver Ho’s fearsome and often brutal futurist early EPs on Blueprint and his more recent avant techno/house Raudive material will be aware of his ability to inject a dark narrative into functional electronics. With Broken English Club, he delivers monotone vocals and shards of live instrumentation over stuttering beats and bleak synths. The blank-stared, pin-point-focused electronics and layers of noise betray no/wave and post punk influences, dragging together industrial experimentation and pitch-black techno, as fans experienced during a Berlin Atonal Festival appearance. His sophomore album, The English Beach on L.I.E.S. was released in 2017. The album saw Broken English Club bringing together the industrial and minimal wave elements of earlier releases, while adding EBM and techno flavors to the mix. Italian artist Alessandro Gaja debuted in 2013 on Repitch, and also records on his own Ophism Record label, focused on releasing rusty, live recorded analogue jams of underground acid techno, electro and lo fi synthesizer music. Gaja’s releases on Ophism include “Nanook”, “Money Create Taste” and “Slaves Of The Future”. Ireen Amnes, rising techno creative artist, is the founder of underground artist collective Under My Feet, seen in line-ups with artists such as Kobosil,Vatican Shadown and SNTS. The London-based artist is schooled in techno, experimental, industrial, as she expressed in her excellent Tresor Floor set last February – we welcome her talent back in our home. In Globus: Founded in 1994 as a reaction to DBX, Basic Channel, Rob Hood, Sähkö and Drexciya, Ectomorph released their first singles in 1995 as an attempt to make Detroit music for Detroit itself, not exclusively for export. The mystique of their early singles led to mythic status and a strong underground cult following, which they have continued to develop through releases on their own Interdimensional Transmissions label as well as remixes on many high profile labels. Now the Ectomorph show is all analog, no computers or samplers or even drum machines, all the sounds come from the modulars and the mountains of Moogs. The 2016 reconvened Ectomorph (now officially comprised of BMG & Erika) released an album on Interdimensional Transmissions, presented in its natural and organic format, live and improvisational. Erika dreams on the cellular level, or perhaps of transdimensional intelligences moving through strange patterns on celestial objects, working towards a mysterious goal. Her connection to the dreamworld becomes concrete in her approach to music, simultaneously so solid and yet so ethereal. Erika still finds time to accomplish many things in her waking hours, such as being a member of Ectomorph, co-conspirator of Detroit’s Interdimensional Transmissions record label, DJing and making music with her pet machines. Her freeform streaming radio station erika.net was one of the very first iTunes presets, running 24×7 for 17 years from 1999 to 2016. Prior to that, Erika was very involved in WCBN-FM Ann Arbor, as a freeform and jazz DJ, and Program Director. Brendan Gillen aka BMG is founder of Ectomorph, Interdimensional Transmissions, and the No Way Back parties, musician and DJ, as well as co host of the biweekly Interdimensional Transmissions Radio show on Red Bull Radio. BMG’s sets effortlessly combine a multitude of seemingly disparate genres into a solid sound system sensation – pure transcendent psychedelic wizardry, a polymath or sonic alchemist or something. Dona aka DJ Plant Texture is constantly looking to redefine his barriers and enhance his sound design skills. Dona has been plumbing the depths of Electronic music, ranging from Jungle and Drum Bass to House and Techno by passing thru Ambient and Electronics. 2016 has welcomed with warmth DJ Plant Texture’s revisitations and reinterpretations of the UK Low Fi Jungle, D&B and Hardcore flavors, as testified by his releases on 10Pills Mate (Lobster Theremin Side Label), Unknown To The Unknown and Creme Organization.