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Sat 08 June 2019 - 23:59

DJ Jus-Ed reveals an adventurous, energetic and spiritual style of playing quality music from house to techno! Along with his MC skills, he transforms the club/dance floor into an unforgettable night! Jus-Ed‘s underground smooth sets have captured and educated audiences all over the world: being one of the most prolific music producers on the scene for the past 15 years, Jus-Ed is in the mainstream of all underground music. In 2001, DJ Jus-Ed teamed up with DJ Vic Money (98.7 Kiss FM ), to create the “Underground Quality ” signature under which they began producing parties and helped regrow the underground house community on the east coast of the United States. As a Tresor Club resident, Jus-Ed hosts regular Globus nights, each time inviting a distinguished guest. Camilo Naranjo aka Vandel is from Medellin, Columbia, and together with Jus-Ed they created the UQ072 “Vandel – Jus-Ed EP”. Vandel is known for its classic method in producing. Tape recordings, synthesizers and mixers accompany him while mixing the turntables and composing. Head of Discos Nutabe, a label from Medellin, Colombia on vinyl, and co-founder of the local netlabel Monofónicos. Vandel has been focused on House sounds since its beginnings as a musician, music lover and fan of all sorts of instruments. Both will play in Globus ALL NIGHT LONG! On the Tresor Floor: with each James Ruskin set on the basement decks of Tresor, we are reminded of the solid thread that ties our ideals and spectrum to this techno icon. Certainly some of Tresor Records’ most cutting-edge UK techno releases carry the Ruskin signature, a style he brought to the world’s attention back in the 90s and continues to mold. With his own Blueprint label he created an internationally renowned platform for talented artists as well as numerous releases that stand on their own as prime examples of the genre. A hugely respected techno artist who we always welcome to our home. After years on the dance floor American DJ Jon Hester took to the decks, going on to work in a record shop, host his own events, and hold residencies that developed his sound. Music production and a move to Berlin followed, but dancing and mixing are still the inspirations that drive him to create. Hester’s DJ sets are built on physical rhythms and adventurous programming, effortlessly combining diverse varieties of techno and house. With an engaging presence and a knack for telling a story, Jon Hester builds a unique connection with each audience, and works any room until it sweats. Excellent support comes in the way of Tresor resident Mareena: her influences range far and wide, including anything from Detroit and Chicago acid to the more hypnotic take on dub, ambient, and techno. Throughout the years Mareena has performed extensively both locally and internationally, accomplishing the rare feat of earning a reputation solely as a DJ and curator.