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Fri 21 June 2019 - 23:59

Since the beginning of dance music culture, Frankie Bones remains known as an instrumental force. He’s recognized for birthing the rave scene in America in the early 90’s with his unique contributions to music, paired with a resilient New York attitude. He’s helped drive the scene forward for more than three decades and in 2019 his legacy is only getting stronger. Frankie Bones is the first American DJ whose success hit hard in the U.K. allowing a pioneer tour across Europe. His 1989 release “Call It Techno” became a cult classic in Germany, and his “Future Is Ours” and “My House Is Your House” became the official names of the 1991 and 1992 Love Parades in Berlin. His influence on the scene extends beyond the music. Founding the infamous STORMrave parties in the NY 90s, in May of 2015 the Red Bull Music Academy honored Frankie with a very special STORMrave reunion party, the highlight event during their month-long music festival in NYC. In the fall of 2016 he launched a new music label, Bangin Music, which has received major attention. His focus for the label is primarily techno, but keeping true to his roots, Bones has been re-releasing his classic Bonesbreaks series and contributing several brand new album releases to it. The history of Adam X dates back to 1990 in New York City, where he teamed up with his brother Frankie Bones in running the first all-techno record shop in America ‘Groove Records (later named Sonic Groove Records)’ with DJ Heather Heart joining ownership shortly after. Throughout the 90s and into the first half of the millennium, the Sonic Groove retail outlet was one of the top techno record retailers for DJs & vinyl collectors across the world. Now one of the longest techno labels running, Sonic Groove refuses to push the sounds of the past, instead preferring to define the sound of the future. Known in contemporary times globally for his pioneering working in crossing the parallel of techno and industrial music, Adam X is also behind the production of the well known deep sci-fi techno project “Traversable Wormhole” on CLR. As one of the hinges of the 90’s rave generation, Italian DJ and Sonic Groove artist Max Durante’s sound and his presence have been fundamental for the early Italian Techno scene. Well respected as a DJ, thanks to his great mixing abilities, as well as a producer for his precious creativity in his recording productions, Max Durante is a true innovator of dark, industrial techno. In Globus: returning artist and New Yorker Gunnar Haslam is a rare talent with a unique intellect. Since this first release, he’s been highly prolific, putting his career as a physicist on the back burner while going deeper into the world of synths and maintaining a steady outpouring of music spanning acid, techno, ambient and home listening. Haslam has quickly become a fixture in New York’s underground scene, frequently playing The Bunker and Bossa Nova Civic Club, while also maintaining a busy schedule of touring as a DJ and a live performer all over the world. Andrew James Gustav‘s sets showcase a devotion to the craft of DJing that’s paralleled by few of his contemporaries. Initially under the spell of US house and German minimal, and always influenced by a long-lasting love for UK garage, Andrew’s sound has developed a tougher edge, encompassing vintage tech house, breakbeat, electro and quality techno from all eras and geographies. As well as touring internationally, Andrew is resident DJ at London-based Art of Dark and co-runs its record label offshoot with party founder Colin Chiddle. Lily Ackerman is a classical pianist, electronic music producer, and vinyl DJ based in San Francisco. Her penchant for melodic, groove-focused deep house and techno is reflected in her meticulously crafted dj mixes and productions. She is a co-founder of the Diacritic Collective, a tight-knit group of friends who share the same passion for music – making it, digging for it, and sharing it with others, especially vinyl. Lily Ackerman’s EP’s and remixes have been released on San Francisco-based labels Mioli Music and Friends with Benefits Records, and a release on Perfect Location Records.