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Sat 22 June 2019 - 23:59

Returning artist Frédéric Destres is Renart, a music producer and DJ from Paris, with releases on Dawn, Fragrant Harbour and Cracki, on which he contributed the track “Musette Pénitence “ to their  VA “Mémoires d’Elephant #02” in 2016. Renart defends his vision of a plural electronic music through live performances for many years. After studying classical literature at the Sorbonne University, he decided to devote himself to musical practice and composition. Dutch artist Reynier Hooft van Huijsduijnen is Deniro, producer, DJ and co-founder of Tape Records in Amsterdam. His terrific set in the basement last October is not easily forgotten. He is represented by Voyage Direct, a record label established to represent the wealth of electronic music talent coming out of the Netherlands, and also is associated with Berlin label Trip. Dutch DJ Kole Leijen aka Surgeles has been circulating in Holland’s techno scene for some years now, collecting outstanding multiple artistic collaborations with the likes of Jeff Mills and Dave Clarke. Aside from being owner of his branchild U.F.F Records, which has now numerous releases, vinyl-only Surgeles has found himself spinning at top spots in the country, including  Amsterdam Dance Event and the Awakenings Festival in 2011. His compilation ‘Something In The Sky’ was released on Axis Records in 2012, and In 2017 Jeff Mills entrusted DJ Surgeles to take care of “the Betty Hill Case”, a 12” inspired by the story and the interviews of an American couple who were allegedly abducted by extraterrestrials in a rural portion of New Hampshire in 1961. Shingo Suwa is a Berlin-based artist from Japan with a natural open mind towards musical exploration. His curiosity brought him to discover electronic music in the 90’s after experiencing the power of Chicago House and Detroit Techno during the prosperous years of Japanese club culture. All these influences created a versatile approach of self-expression, which can be felt during his eclectic DJ sets. Both a DJ and a producer, Shingo Suwa owns and manages two record labels. Merkur Schallplatten on which he explores the darker, more techno side of things and House Mannequin well known for its disco edits which he runs with Akirahawks. Together they form Love Comedy, a musical project with a first vinyl on the French label That Place Records. In Globus: returning artist Levon Vincent is an American DJ, producer and owner of Novel Sound, and another label that he co-runs with fellow NY house renaissance man Anthony Parasole called Deconstruct. Originally from the midwest, Levon is now a world traveling DJ, feeling at home in New York, London or Berlin. We welcome back Aaron Siegel aka FIT Siegel to our home, he is the main distributor of house and techno from Detroit, the owner of his label Fit Records and Fit Distribution as well as the leftfield sublabel Est. 83′ Records and Fit Sound merchandise. As a DJ, FIT follows in the genre free footsteps of Motor City legends of the past. Rather than cordoning off a specific sound, he pulls freely from disco and post punk, to the most alien forms of techno and house music breeding in Detroit today. His unique take on the Motor City sound has taken him to top international venues. FIT’s days in Detroit are spent speaking and collaborating with producers such as Kenny Dixon Jr, Andrés, and Theo Parrish, finding new ways to push the music further. His nights are spent in his studio, producing, mixing or editing new material for upcoming projects. Gunnar Wendell aka Kassem Mosse from Leipzig quite often takes part in Workshop label events together with Lowtec. His first release was in 2006 on Mikrodisko, later several on Lowtec’s Workshop, including his first full-length album in 2014. Whether deep & twisted or time-stretched fine techno, Kassem provides the power needed on the dancefloor.