• Fri
  • 28
  • 06
  • 2019
  • 23:59
Fri 28 June 2019 - 23:59

We welcome the American-Dutch producer and graphic designer Sheela Rahman aka Xosar back in our home tonight with her beguiling sound, a mix of unnerving atmospheres, keenly bolted onto raw techno tempos and haunting dark powers that she continues to impress us with. Xosar has turned out a steady stream of well-received singles and a debut full length on influential labels. Her live set is an accomplished, laptop-free one: taking in multiple drum machines, sequencer-samplers and effects, Xosar manipulates sound into dark, brooding and mysteriously ghostly shadows of techno and beyond. Having played in practically all of the most well-known venues on the globe, we recommend taking in Xosar’s wonderful live set tonight in the basement. Described as a love affair with machines and human error Berlin-based producer/DJ Douglas Lee’s project An-i is the outcome of melding the aesthetics of 80’s minimal synth and punk attitudes alongside the thumping forward momentum of techno. He gained reputation as a DJ following a move to New York City in early 2000s’ where he played an integral part in NYC’s then burgeoning mutant disco scene. Lee released several solo EP’s before landing on Veronica Vasickas MinimalWave/Cititrax where Lee foregrounded his techno influences. Whilst An-I focuses on punk affected iterations of techno, Lee’s DJ sessions are capable of leading and elevating dance floors through various states of mind. Lee can confidently inspire moods and states of abandon only enabled by the experience gained from over two decades of digging and piloting dance floors globally. George Anifantis is ANFS, an artist from Greece whose vibe is distorting, organizing, playing, mastering sounds and releasing others’ music on wax and digital. His 2018 4-track EP “A Shallow Ascetic” sounds like ANFS is trying to make the hardest, heaviest techno he can, but with breathing room and carefully layered textures – a rare combination in the world of industrial-influenced techno. UK artist Michael Wells is founder of London-based imprint Weekend Circuit, that has featured a huge array of top quality artists such as Jonas Kopp, Reeko, Developer, Pär Grindvik, Francois X, Stanislav Tolkachev, Dax J, Yan Cook, Sleeparchive, Antonio De Angelis, P.E.A.R.L., I/Y and many more – it is already a special destination for finding awesome Techno. Certainly one of London’s more talked about underground labels, we welcome Michael Wells to the Tresor Floor tonight. On the Globus Floor: Londoner Jimmy Asquith quietly minted the now-ubiquitous record label Lobster Theremin with an impressive debut release from a promising new producer: fellow Londoner Jay Donaldson – now known world over as Palms Trax. Since then, the label boss has found himself thrust to the epicentre of the global dance music scene, operating a vast network of sub- and sister-labels, and looking after a staggering roster of artists. Last year Asquith released his debut release; a scintillating and stomping blend of UK via German power house, Northern baseline and NYC grooves. It’s a white label self-release that sees the label boss step out from behind the Lobster veil and present a weighty and creative self expression through sound. Amir Alexander has been a DJ since 1993 and a producer since 1998. A true student of the music/culture, Amir founded Vanguard Sound in Chicago during February 2006 to chart his own musical evolution and expression. His is a drive to raise the bar after every set, determined to fully express himself and to connect directly with the floor. After a meteoric rise in the Chicago club scene, Amir completely disappeared and went beneath the underground to focus solely on advancing his production skills. Soon after linking up with G. Marcell and Hakim Murphy he began to release gritty tracks that began to be charted and played by underground DJ’s worldwide. His fourth release was the sleeper classic “Experience EP” a 4 tracker with Amir on side A, and G. Marcell on side B. Tresor Club resident Handmade‘s DJing is perfectly tuned to the Globus Floor’s wavelength: oscillating between house and techno styles, the dancing crowd in a firm grip, driven to fill the dancefloor. An integral part of the Tresor resident team since 2009, Handmade earned his stripes in the rocky terrain of the Berlin nightlife. Little by little he developed his pumping original mix of superior and timeless dance styles that have particularly influenced his experience. Handmade’s explosive trademark DJ style: deep and dubby-grounded á la Detroit, with the jacking stabs of Chicago influences and occasional deviations into tougher or soulful soundscapes.